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Nickelodeon Casting Call – Miami, FL

Do you want to sign up to be on Nickelodeon? A 2018 audition for Nickelodeon is looking for you! The Nickelodeon casting call for “I Am Frankie” is looking for an actress! Filming for season 2 is just gearing up. Casting directors are now hiring a female to be the stand-in and photo double for the lead role! Because this is a stand-in role you won’t need a Nickelodeon audition script. This is a really exciting opportunity for any experienced or aspiring actress or model. The selected talent will be the stand-in and photo double for Frankie for the entire season. The title character is played by 17 year old Alex Hook. Filming will begin in March and will go for 11 weeks. It is shooting in Miami, Florida. All applicants must be available for the entire duration of the shoot. While the actress may not be needed every day, it will be for several days. It is important to have completely open availability. All of the information to sign up to be an actor on Nickelodeon is below!

About Nickelodeon’s “I Am Frankie”

I Am Frankie” is the story of Frankie, an experimental android who navigates the perils and wonders of being a teenager. Frankie looks like any other girl, but functions like the newest computer: complete with Internet access, extensive memory and a hard disk. Frankie goes to school and no one but the members of her family know her secret. She adapts to the real world quite well, despite having no feelings or emotions, but all that changes when she begins to experience family life, make friends and have a boyfriend. [Variety]

What They Are Looking For

We are looking for our Stand-In/Photo Double for the actress who is playing Frankie:
Alex Hook!

Shooting starts in March and the actress needs to be available for 11 weeks. It may not be every day, but it will be many days.
RATES are Non-Union:
Stand-In Day Rate $125/12
Body Double – (on camera) $150/12

When the actress works as a Stand-In she will get the $125 rate. On the days that she works as the Body Double, we will bump her up to the $150 rate.

These are the Sizes that we need to match as closely as possible, as well as the look in the photo.

If you don’t know what Alex Hook looks like, Google her so you can see the type they are looking for.

Height – 5’5”
Weight – 110 lbs
Chest – 32B
Neckline – 42 CM
Waist – 61 CM
Neckline – 42 CM
Sleeve Length – 71 CM
Inseam 75 – CM
Shoe 7.5-8
Ring Size – 6
Shirt Size – XS-S
Pants/Jeans – 00-0-3
Brown Hair – Straight, with a bang swept off to the side. Hair length is below the collar bone. Brown eyes.
Caucasian skin tone.

How to Apply

Please, if you feel you or someone you know is right for this AND available for the 11-week period, please submit their photo and all contact info/phone and email, including 2 FULL LENGTH photos and a headshot and contact info to:lori@loriwymancasting.com . We will contact you for further instructions.

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110 Casting Responses

  1. Talia

    hi amTalia i would really want to act so much.acting is my pation so plz dont denie it for me.i beg u and one tiny detail i dont have a passport i will try to look into it but plz i want to act


    Hi I am Lah-ti-fat Mallo
    I love the nickeledeon actors act
    I would love to act
    I have great acting skills and would be able to act any part given to me
    I am 17years
    But i am a Nigerian and i do not know if this opportunity will be given to me
    I know i can do well as a nickeledeon actress if am given the chance
    I would be truly honoured


    Hi i am Lah-ti-fat Mallo
    I am 16years old and will soon be clocking 17years
    I love nickeledeon actors
    And i would love to be one if am auditoned
    I know i’ll be able to act any part
    but am a Nigerian and i do not know if i can be accepted

  4. Jamye

    Hello,I’m Jamye
    I have brown hair
    59 1/2 inc tall
    I’m African American
    I want to be a actress
    I’m 10yrs old
    I’m in 5th grade

  5. faith shija

    Hey,My name is faith,am 13 years ,am a Tanzanian, I always love to be an actress since I was a child,am able to act in any show ,I have dark brown eyes and black hair.I really expect to get a chance.Thanks

  6. Sam kimz

    Hey.am Sam I would really want to act in any Show..I am from Kenya from an humble background and I wanna help my family.. Please

  7. amari holmes

    you should pick me because I have experience in wat your looking for I also had ab onroll 3 times in a row and a onroll

  8. Pamela Mensah

    Hi am Pamela.Im 13.Acting has always been my dream ever since I was little and acting on
    Nickelodeon will be a dream come through for me.Please consider me.

  9. Jiya

    Hey,i am jiya and i would love to act in any show to start a carreer with all my passion and hardwork!
    Currently i am 13
    I hv dark brown eyes
    And black hair
    Acting has always been inside of me
    And i expect i would get any chance of any role in any show from this website…fortunately
    And i hope you will be impressed

  10. Taja

    Hi I am Taja and I will like to be I tv I AM 12 GOING ON 13 ON THE 31 OF THIS MONTH I have a twin (tajae) and I want to be on this show because I want my life to start somewhere I will love if my family can see how I will be able to take care of them

  11. Isabel Lara

    Hi my name is Isabel. I am 14 years old, my height is 5’3, my weight is 115 lbs. I do have brown hair and brown eyes and would love to be in this show if possible. It would be a great and unforgettable opportunity.Thank you

  12. Andrea Vidal

    Trying to help my family out so please call me back

  13. Louis promise

    my name is Louis promise I’m 13 years old I I’m really good for d part if u give me a little line I can act it and send d video for u just for u 2 be sure I really want d job

  14. Vanessa

    Hi I am Vanessa I am 15 years old , height 5,0 and weight 145 pounds I would love to be on I am Frankie because I am in love with the show and think I would be perfect for the Show hope I make it

  15. Vanessa

    Hi I am Vanessa I am 15 years old , height 5,0 and weight 145 pounds I would love to be on I am Frankie because I am in love with the show and think I would be perfect for the Show

  16. Vanessa

    Hi I am Vanessa I am 15 years old , height 5,0 and weight 145 pounds I would love to be on I am Frankie because I am in love with the show and think I would be perfect for the Show.

  17. Yazard Jean Pierre

    Hello, My Name Is Yazard Jean Pierre, 14yrs Old From Florida Participated In A Lot Of Plays And Currently In Performing Arts At School. I’m Great At Memorizing And Rehearsals And It Will Be Great If I Was In The “I Am Frankie” or “Henry Danger”Show(Full Time) . If You Guys Ever Have A Spot For A Teenage Boys, I’m The One.

  18. Valerie

    Hi, my name is Valerie. i’m currently 13, but I turn 14 in 2 months, I’m 5’2, weigh 112 pounds, and would love to be on this show. I’ve some training at schools, I’ve taken theatre for 2 years now, and ‘im also taking acting classes so being on this show would be an amazing way to start.

  19. Cecilia

    hi I am Cecilia my friends call me Cece I am 5.0 feet tall 12 years old and I feel like i would be good on this show

  20. Cecilia

    hi I am 5.0 feet tall 12 years old and I feel like i would be good on this show

  21. Yoogi Bianca davin

    Hi I’m yoogi Bianca davin I’m 12years old my is I wanna a stars can I please auditions for frankie please in by the way I speak french and Creole and a little bit Spanish love you frankie bye.

  22. Helen

    Hi, I’m Helen. I am from Armenia, I know English well. I have brown, straight hair, brown eyes, I am 5.3” tall, weight 110lbs, my waist is 68, other points are the same. I’m 14 years old, I have acting experience, I was in school acting club for about 3 years, from age of 4 I was going to different acting clubs. Now I want to have a role in a show. Please inform me about the role

  23. Abigail

    Hi,my name is abigail and am 14yrs old.Acting is my passion and it has been my dream ever since i was 5yrs. And if am given a chance to prove how good i am,u wont be disappointed.
    I hope i can be an actor on this set.

  24. Faith

    Hi my name is Faith I am 10 years old I tock acting class and I’ve been in 2 plays when I was 4. I would love to be in I am Frankie please let me audition I promise I would work very hard

  25. Sofia Short

    Hi I am Sofia short I’m 10 years old and I love this tv show so I would not mind if you considered me acting in I am Frankie it would be a pleasure to act in but only if you want me to act in it I would thank you.

  26. Luisa

    Hello my name is Luisa Pena I am 12 year old have and I would love to get the role of Frankie I leave in NYC and does not having a acting career I am just starting

  27. William Cole

    Hello my name is William Cole am 13 years old and am in Sierra Leone. acting has been my life since i was a baby and i have always dreamt that one day i would act for nickelodeon.

  28. Obiazi Hector

    Hey my name is Hector Obiazi. I am 13 years old. I am from Nigeria. I want to be a part of the show and i know i will be great. I have an acting experience.

  29. Odane Jones

    Hey I really love i am Frankie it is an awesome show and it believe I can help better this show please make my dream come true please house me

  30. Jenelle Rose

    Hi my name is Jenelle I don’t know if its to late for me to say this but I am 11 years old I am turning 12 next month I am a Proud Filipino I am 4’11ft tall I weigh 80 pounds, brown eyes, and brown hair.
    If there is any role free to take place in I would love to audition, I haven’t acted on T V but have in front of crowds such as plays, talent shows, youtube, and others…
    I can sing, dance, draw, paint, and do a little bit of gymnastics. I really hope you response to me 🙂