Reality TV Casting Calls

Reality TV Casting Calls

Reality television has become a huge source of programming during prime time on both cable and the major networks. Their popularity has created a whole new industry for would be television stars. People who could not otherwise afford to move to Los Angeles to be on television can now attend reality TV casting calls 2018 and fulfill their dreams of fame, and possible fortune.

The “big” reality shows, like Survivor, The Amazing Race or The Bachelor generally require people who are under forty and in excellent physical condition to withstand the rigors of the show. The landscape is changing. There are reality shows looking for average people who want to have their chance on television.

The USA Network has two reality TV casting calls 2018. The Moment gives people a second chance at a career they were forced to abandon, regardless of the reason. Participants will have the chance to reconnect with a career, allowing them to discover if they still have the passion. Character Fantasy is more for daydreamers. Most people have fantasized about being someone famous. This show allows participants to receive a makeover and “become” the famous person they have always dreamed of being.

National Geographic Channel (Nat Geo) has America’s National Treasures. Nat Geo is looking for people with antiques or heirlooms that are part of America’s heritage. The show tracks the origins of the object and the story behind it. PBS’ Antiques Roadshow and History Detectives also follow the same track. All that is needed is a unique object.

Food Network, Bravo and Fox are home to reality shows for those with a passion and flair for cooking. A&E, Discovery Fit and Health and bio offer a chance for help to families struggling with addictions, illness or have survived against incredible odds.

Reality television needs people from all walks of life. Reality TV casting calls bring people and shows together to entertain the world.